Anterior Segment Imaging


High resolution digital image data of anterior eye can be obtained by using the attachable anterior module along with the imaging module,. The cobalt blue LEDs allow fluorescent imaging to detect a dry eye or any cuts or punctures on the surface of the eye, cornea, pupil, or sclera. 6 x digital zoom provides a magnified image for viewing the details of the area of interest. Light weight and portable design allow the camera to be used in field conditions outside the clinic and examining also bed-bound patients.

  • White and cobalt blue LEDs
  • Support to stabilize camera when targeting
  • Autofocus and optional manual focus
  • 6 x Digital zoom
  • Image resolution 2560 x 1920 Pixels
  • Dimensions/weight: 79 (h) x 70 (d) mm / 80 g