Product Philosophy


The opthalmologic imaging solution from Bosch offers is now providing a breakthrough to address the critical needs that exist in the Indian market. The solutions are designed with considerations of addressing specific Indian needs while remaining broad-based to create an impact:

Better disease management

Making a portable, easy to use Fundus camera available not only to specialists /ophthalmologists but also to a wider healthcare delivery population, such as diabetologist, general physicians and trained technicians, enabling early intervention of many retinal diseases.

Flexible to suit your application

Bosch solutions are designed to be flexible across a wide range of application . The device is equipped with a rechargeable battery that can be charged from any normal power plug. The device can be used in a clinical environment, in a camp or take it to the patient’s door steps for community screening. Imaging can be done without dilation at ambient environments with minimal adaptation. The device can be used both as a handheld portable device and also can be mounted on a slit lamp holder with a special adapter for a clinical environment

Modular solution for versatility

A highly modular design with interchangeable modules as accessories. Designed to address specialist for advanced care and broad-based practitioners for delivering wider range of services. The base imaging module can accommodate interchangeable modules for retinal and anterior eye imaging provide high-resolution still images and video that can be stored on your PC. The device can also be equipped with otoscopic and dermographic modules to serve multidisciplinary clinics.

Efficient and cost effective

For practitioners and the patient, Bosch fundus camera as a point-of-care device that can be used for routine fundus examination with imaging. Efficient technology and engineering makes the Bosch fundus camera a portable, hand held easy-to-use camera with reduced time of image acquisition.For