The Solution Perspective


Smart solutions for the smart doctor

At Bosch we believe in creating smart solutions than mere products. With the same spirit, we have woven an end-to-end solution around our eye care Imaging product that empowers the doctor and makes health care affordable and maximize impact. The MediBilder solution comes free of cost with the device.

The solution perspective

The MediBilder software is designed to import images taken by the camera to the desktop or laptop. The practitioner can perform multiple image analysis using MediBilder including color filters, making annotations / markings and maintaining digital medical records of the patients.

The ImPACS solution is the answer to a complete solution for Picture archival and communication solution. The PACS could simply remain on the hard-disk of the doctor’s laptop or get connected to the hospital management system or get connected to cloud facilities.

MediBilder – DICOM compliant Client Software for PACS

  • Image importing and viewing from any camera and of any modality.
  • Image operations such as marking, annotation and layering.
  • Layer-wise segregation of markings across images and across specialist.
  • Ability to view multiple cases and markings simultaneously.
  • Ability to focus on small regions of the images and marking.
  • Ability to view and manipulate red, red-free, inverted (contrast) images for analysis and marking
  • HL7 & DICOM compliant Patient Management
  • Patient referral
  • Available for both Windows and Mac OS

ImPACS – Medi Image. Any where. Any time.

  • Cloud based DICOM compliant Picture Archival and Communication System to provide your medical images anywhere, any time.
  • Online image viewing, marking and patient referral
  • Connectable to MediBilder for seamless workflow.