Healthcare @ Bosch


Technology is increasingly playing a lead role in providing solutions that can address ailments on a social scale. These technological solutions have influenced the field of medicine by providing better infrastructure and point-of-care solutions. The need of the hour is to make these solutions both affordable and broad based to maximise the impact.

Our foray into the healthcare domain is rooted in our strong foundation of technology and expertise from platforms tried and tested over more than a century in multiple domains including Automotive, Industrial engineering, consumer Products and energy space. As a value-driven organization following the values inducted by our visionary founder Mr. Robert Bosch, we have always striven to be an organisation keeping society in perspective while designing products that enhance the quality of life.

Bosch has been providing technology enabled solutions to health-care business for a significant period of time. Tele-medicine being one of the earliest focus, our group company Bosch Health Care systems has been providing solutions with a three point focus – ‘Better Health’, ‘Better Care’, ‘Lower costs’. Our solutions empower customers through cost-effective solutions thus reducing their overall cost for health-care. For more details visit -

All our products have been designed with this thought in focus and technology as a key enabler. When it comes to quality and reliability, we say that every solution from Bosch is ‘Invented for Live’.